We use a Xerox DC 250 &Canon Image Runner 7055 with Creo Professional print controller for color laser printing. Color laser prints are ideal for small volumes, such as 1-1000 copies. Our Creo print controller is also ideal for quick and inexpensive color proofs. We can print on a variety of stocks, such as 12pt Kromokote, 100lb gloss, etc.

We usually support the current versions of most of the common desktop applications in use. Check in the File Setup Section of this website for more information.

Our Fiery print controller is X-Rite calibrated for consistent color prints. We also use the GretagMacbeth color management system to ensure highly predictable color.You will have to use ICC color mangement methods for getting the best results.

It is extremely important that you prepare your file according to our specification. Failure to do so will result in delay and additional charges. You can find more information in the help section of this web site.

We accept common media such as CD/DVD, and USB/Firewire devices. We also support file submission by email. We can handle commonly used compression utilities such as Stuffit and ZIP.


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